Interactive White Board (IWB) and EasiTeach

While on prac I had the opportunity to use the IWB (well for the 2 days it was working!) and was pretty impressed with what I could do.  The School used Easiteach software which I found quite user friendly.

By selecting the widget icon, the user can access the calculator, chart maker, clock, dice, equations, picture painter, place value, timer and much more.  One of the other teachers at my prac School developed a resource which could be used in early primary years as a literacy tool which randomly selects (pre-programmed) sight words for students to read.  This tool can also be adapted to use as a maths warm-up tool with students reading the numbers.

Easiteach isn’t the only software available for IWB, just one that I have recently discovered.

If you know of any other user-friendly IWB software programs, I’d love to hear about them.



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