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I know I’ve been absent for a while but time to get back to the blogging grind.

I start my first prac in a school tomorrow.  Last week I had the opportunity to meet my prac mentor and class – they’re lovely (thankfully!).  I’m going to a prep/1 class in a small school in Brisbane south-west (200 students) which is a huge difference to the school my children attend (over 1,200 students).  On first impressions, it’s like another country!  Only 10 minutes from my house and this school is located between small farms!

This school has been highlighted in one of the EDC3100 learning activities for the possum boxes one of the teachers installed for students to observe the local possum habitat.  I was pretty happy when I found out I was lucky enough to be going to this school.

On arrival in my classroom, there is 5 computers, a data projector and an IWB (I guess a whiteboard as it isn’t interactive at the moment).   My mentor has asked me to prepare an activity for the Mon/Tues rotations – my first question – can I use the computers?  The problem with this is that the computers are spaced around the room – 2 on the left, 2 on the right and one at the front which presents supervision and assistance issues.  Hmmm.   So for the first few days I might give the ICT a miss until I can learn more about the students.  I’m teaching a SOSE lesson on Thursday (fish – farm to table) and a Science lesson on Friday so I think it might be best to leave my ICT for those lessons whereI have the whole class’ attention.

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