My favourite EC blogs

I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite Early Childhood blogs. ┬áThe last two require Facebook accounts to view them.

Child’s Play Music – Alec Duncan specialises in hands-on musical instrument activity programs for young children – exciting, educational programs where children experience the joy of playing music themselves on wonderful instruments specifically made to be child-friendly and instantly accessible.

Funtastic Early Childhood Ideas – Krystal Peace is an early childhood teacher and provides this forum to share ideas.

Precious Childhood – Niki Buchan is an educational consultant who is passionate about letting children be children, letting them play and be exposed to risks (in a safe way of course).

Males in Early Childhood Education – raising the profile of males in early childhood education.

Homemade Rainbows – sell brilliant play sets for early childhood educators.

Teachers resources for using ICT in the classroom – set up by USQ students to share ICT resources for the classroom.

iTeach: Apps for the Classroom – set up by Kylie Turner, a USQ student, to share applications suitable for the classroom environment.



7 thoughts on “My favourite EC blogs

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  2. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for sharing these blogs, but the last two need Facebook logins to view. I am not on FB so can’t view them, pity.

    Great blog though!


  3. Hi Rachel,

    WOW that is so generous to share all of those links with us. Thank you! I am about to go and investiaget them each one.

    Over the past ten years I have worked with around 5 or 6 young men at the Centre. The last couple have been young backpackers were Early Childhood and it has been a wonderful experience for families, staff and children.


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