Useful websites and applications

As part of our students last week, students chose a website or application to investigate.  I will add links to some of the student reviews below:

Teresa Morgan has investigated a website called Wordia as part of her online activities.  You can read Teresa’s review on her blog

Jennifer Walsh investigated Zooburst which allows students to create 3D pop up blooks.  You can read Jennifer’s review on her blog

Katie Reed investigated Glass Giant to create online images.  Katie’s review can be viewed at

Michelle Poulter investigated Puppet Pals, which lets students create online stories.  Michelle’s review can be found at

2 thoughts on “Useful websites and applications

  1. I really like the way you have summarised other ‘bloggers’ posts. That is a great idea and a time saver for those of us who would like to catch up on a variety of pages quickly.
    The overwhelming number of sites is daunting – this way I got to have a sneak peek at several ideas and postings in one stop.
    This might be an idea we can share amongst ourselves to ensure our findings are being spread around.

    Thank you Rachel

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